Modern vehicles are very complicated. In fact, most vehicles now have more than 100 computers in them and some have twice that number. These computers provide a great range of conveniences and safety features. However they can also become massive hindrance. When something goes wrong, these computers will usually turn on a warning light that is displayed on your dash.

Lucky for you, you have Same Day here to be able to work on your vehicle when those lights appear. The question is, what should you do when one of these warning lights come on. Here are the three most common warning lights that appear on vehicles and how they should be handled.

Check Engine Light, Service Engine Soon

Perform a google search for a check engine light and you will see many different images that all mean the same thing. When this light comes on, your vehicle is having a problem related to the engine. This could be a deep engine issue, a sensor that is faulty, a problem with the emissions system, or some other problem.

How is your vehicle driving? Do the gauges look ok? If so, take the time to get your engine light code read and call us with that code number (they usually begin with a P). If the engine light is flashing, or the vehicle is not driving very well, you may want to stop driving and get your vehicle towed in. A flashing check engine light will sometimes indicate problems that could damage other components if the vehicle is driven.

Tire Pressure Light

This is typically a picture of a tire with an exclamation mark in the middle. If you see this, the first thing you should do is get out and look at your tires. Are any tires flat? Do not drive on a flat tire. Put on the spare and head to your nearest trusted tire shop. If the tires look ok, they might need some air. If you believe there is a leak of some kind, have a tire shop look for the leak. Most tire shops do not charge to repair a leaking tire.

Maintenance Required

This light indicates you might be due for an oil change. Most maintenance lights come on based on the mileage from the last time the light was reset. The maintenance light is not based on a reading of your oil level or condition. If this light comes on, figure out when your last oil change was performed. Are you do for your next oil change. If not, your light just needs to be reset. Same Day can reset those maintenance lights for you. Also, youtube has many videos showing folks how to reset the maintenance light for their own vehicle.