Money Saving Oil Changes

While we do take a lot of extra precautions in regard to COVID19, we realize that some of you may prefer to remain in your vehicle while getting your oil changed. So if you need to use a quick lube here are some helpful tips that can save you time and money.

If You Do Choose To Visit A Quick Lube Here Are Some Things To Think About Before You Go…

Oil Change Service

Know what oil your vehicle requires. If you vehicle does not require synthetic oil then it may not be necessary to upgrade to semi- synthetic or full synthetic. 0W-20 is a full synthetic, 5W20 is not. Check the label on your oil cap.

Air Filters

These are usually good for 30,000 miles. Simple surface dirt is not always a good indication of needing it replaced.

Cabin Filters

If your car has one, these are usually good for 30,000 miles as well.

Fuel System Services

If your car is running well then a fuel system service is typically not needed. If your car is not running well then you may need more than a fuel service so make sure to have a certified ASE Technician inspect your vehicle because a fuel system service might not resolve your issue.

A/C Service

Is your A/C blowing cold? If so, you shouldn’t need a “top off” and sometimes topping off your system can lead to more expensive repairs later. If your A/C is not blowing cold air, then you most likely have a leak or other problems. Again, having a certified ASE Technician inspect and repair your A/C can save you money and unneeded frustration later.

Fluid Services

Quick lubes provide other fluid services as well and we are always happy to look up your vehicle’s service history or provide a second opinion before you make that decision..
Quick lubes are great for vehicles under 30,000 miles. The older the vehicle the more important it is to have it inspected professionally. Some of our customers use us every other oil change for this reason.

Whether you have your vehicle at a dealership for warranty repairs or a quick lube for an oil change, we are always happy to give you a free 2nd opinion. Give us a call anytime, we’re here to help!

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