99 brakes

$99 BRAKES ???

We sent Kathy undercover to one of the “chain stores” that advertises this unbelievable price to find out. She took an older Honda Accord that definitely needed a complete brake job and here’s what they told her. “Yes, you definitely need a complete brake job, but the $99 special is for brakes that are not recommended for your car. In addition, you will also need these extra parts and labor in order to make your vehicle safe to drive.”

The final estimate ended up being more that what we would have charged.

Lifetime brake pads have many conditions attached to the warranty. We don’t recommend lifetime brake pad because in addition to being very noisy, they tend to wear out the brake rotors prematurely. The lifetime warranty offered by the chain stores does not cover brake rotors (which cost several times more than brake pads). So while you may never have to purchase brake pads again, you will be purchasing brake rotors.

We’ve been in business for over 27 years and have tried all kinds of brake pads including, lifetime, low noise, metallic, organic, etc. We have found that we have had almost zero complaints when we have installed genuine OE or factory brake pads. We have had many, many complaints when we have used aftermarket or non-factory brakes.

Several times a month we end up re-doing a brake job that was recently done at a chain store because the customer can’t stand the excessive noise. The last one we did, the customer had taken their vehicle back 3 times, before they brought it to us to have it fixed properly.

We will definitely honor any new car dealer coupon for brakes or any other service.

Coupons from our other competitors must be matched product for product. Some of our competitors are using brakes that cost them as little as $10, while we are using brakes that can cost us as much as $100.

Thats the quality difference at Same Day Auto Service.

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