What’s with those maintenance letters and numbers on my Honda?

Since the late 2000’s, Honda has used a maintenance light in conjunction with letters and numbers. These numbers and letters are a code that are meant to tell you what services are coming due. This system seems ok in theory, however has a few problems in real world usage.

Problem 1 – Only shops or your owner’s manual know what the codes mean. The chart is below indicating the meaning of the codes, but even most auto shops have to look up to codes before advising clients as to what they mean.

Problem 2 – If the light gets reset, there is no way to see the history of what it was. If  you get one of three services performed, you are supposed to remember the other two codes.

Problem 3 –  The light is based almost purely on mileage. The vehicle does not sense conditions or history. In other words, if you already had that service performed, the maintenance warning may still appear at a later time.

If the minders do not work, how do you know when you need to service your Honda?

Use this rule of thumb. Oil changes are due every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. Major services and fluids are due every 30,000 miles. This will cover most of your maintenance needs for your Honda.

As always, Same Day is here to serve you. If you have any questions about this or any other Honda maintenance, call us and talk to one of our wonderful advisors.

Here are the meaning of your Honda Maintenance Reminder Codes

A = An oil change

B = Maintenance service, which typically includes an oil change with a larger inspection

1 = Tire Rotation

2 = Engine and Cabin Air Filters

3 = Transmission Fluid Exchange

4 = Tune up with Valve Adjustment

5 = Coolant Fluid Flush (this is the same as antifreeze or radiator fluid)

6 = Differential Service

7 = Brake Fluid Exchange