Same Day Auto Service car give-a-way

We are giving away one of our older 4 door automatic rental cars to a needy family, non-profit organization, or individual in need of a vehicle, either because they have no vehicle currently or their current vehicle is not safe or is in disrepair and is not affordable to fix. Ideally, this is a vehicle that will improve the ability of the applicant or nominee to take care of their family, provide assistance to others, or help them get to interviews or a job.


  • What kind of car are you giving away?
    2006 Chevy Aveo 4dr automatic (seats 4 people)
  • How long have you owned it?
    We have owned and maintained this car for over 10 years
  • Does this car have a clean title?
  • What is the value of the car?
    Kelly Blue Book average $1,279
  • What kind of gas mileage does it get? says 25 combined city/Hwy and 31 Hwy
  • If I am given this car will I need proof of insurance?
  • Will this car need repairs in the future?
    Yes. Every used car will eventually need repairs.  We recommend that you budget for upcoming repairs by taking an equal amount you spend on fuel and setting that aside for future repairs.  This car has recently been inspected and we are not aware of any issues or problems at this time.  This is not a statement of warranty and the vehicle is being given away “AS-IS”.
  • Is there any warranty provided on this vehicle?
    No.  There is no warranty provided on this vehicle.


There are a few guidelines you need to know about this contest before you apply. Please read each very carefully and refer to our FAQ online or on Facebook for more information. We want to make sure that the applications we get are qualified and that each applicant has the very best chance of being selected.

Information MUST be turned into:

Same Day Auto Service 16009 SE 106th Ave, Clackamas Or 97015

Applicants or Nominees will be asked to show/provide financial need as well as a valid Oregon driver’s license and ability to obtain insurance coverage. The selection process may include an in-person interview and reference/background check. The winner will be chosen by an independent selection committee and not by Same Day Auto Service.

Additional Criteria:

  • Applicants/nominees must be available April 12-15 to answer any questions and must be available April 17th for reveal of winner.
  • Applicant/nominee must be 18 or older.
  • Employees of Same Day Auto Service and their families and affiliates are not eligible for this promotion.

Here’s what you need to apply:

  1. Filled out application
  2. Photograph of applicant or nominee (and their family if appropriate)
  3. Submit your application

No phone calls, please


Thank you for your interest in Same Day Auto Service’s vehicle give-a-way. We would like to hear your story and consider you as a possible to receive our donation of a vehicle. This could be YOU or this could be someone you know. If you are not applying for yourself, you must be assured that the person you are applying for would want and will qualify for this prize.

Disclaimer: Applicant or nominee agrees to pay all federal, state, and local taxes, including income, use or sales taxes or any other governmental charges imposed on prizes, including the value of any goods or services received.