I appreciate and trust Same Day and have for years and years. So glad I have an auto service company I can trust and that does great service at a fair and reasonable price. This time they did a complementary test of my battery and found I had a failing battery, which I never would have known until it failed and I was stuck somewhere. So grateful for that! And for them!

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/1/2017

The front desk service isn't what it used to be. It is very disappointing. In the past I've been allowed to have a punch for each oil change, this time I was told I didn't have the necessary tag to do so. It would have been more service oriented had I been offered one so I can continue to participate in that program. I have also been kept informed in the past when upcoming service was going to be needed so I could plan. Though I am past 100,000 miles, questions about what that will entail, cost wise, I've been brushed off. What is going on with the new front desk staff? It isn't what it used to be! It makes me wonder if the work being done on my car is also less trustworthy. I would appreciate a response. I need assurance that I am in good hands. Thank you

0.5 Same Day Auto Service 4/30/2017

The people at SameDay are compassionate, understanding and on the ball. I was running late because I work in NE Portland, but have been going to SameDay since 2003 when I first bought my car. The mechanic, Andrew, was more than willing to still work on my car even though I was late, and informed me of how to take car of my vehicle between oil changes and repairs without making me feel bad about having almost no oil left. Thank you friends at SameDay!

5 Same Day Auto Service 4/23/2017

The waiting room/office smelled of very heavy fumes -- either gas or oil -- it was awful! I have lung issues and almost left! I don't know how your employees could even remain in the office. You need a much better air system. I've been coming to your business for a very long time -- don't know if I'll be back. The service itself was good as usual as well as the very friendly employees at the front desk.

3 Same Day Auto Service 4/17/2017

They always do a great job here. Honest and just really great people. Would recommend this place to anyone. Jason and Steven were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

5 Same Day Auto Service 4/15/2017

Great staff, quality work and fair prices! We are thankful for this shop!

5 Same Day Auto Service 4/12/2017

Knowledgeable and simple no bs and great prices. Will always take my cars here.

5 Same Day Auto Service 4/9/2017

On time, efficient, courteous service.

5 Same Day Auto Service 4/9/2017

Your service is excellent. I especially appreciated your taking time to install a headlight free of chsrge when i came in without an official appoinment.

5 Same Day Auto Service 4/7/2017

Excellent services as always.

4.5 Same Day Auto Service 4/3/2017