They are the best!

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/25/2017

awesome service as always!

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/23/2017

I have been a long time customer (since at least 1988)--service was very good, as usual.

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/21/2017

Same Day was very upfront and honest with me. My car has a unique issue that is difficult to detect. Same Day was not able to get my car to repeat the issue, but had an idea what it was. Rather than replace my throttle sensor and charge me for it with high confidence that was the issue, they called me and recommended I hold off and bring my car in when it acts up again so they could be sure this was the problem. I really trust Same Day, it's hard to find a trustworthy mechanic these days. Thanks again and I'll be back! Nate

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/20/2017

As always grear job and service THANKS

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/20/2017

Always great service.

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/20/2017

Quick turn around.

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/14/2017

Same Day always provides great service on my Hondas. Recent brake job was excellent. They always seem to be able to repair the "small stuff" as well as the big jobs! Great work!! I really appreciate the thoroughness and attitude of their service providers!!!

4 Same Day Auto Service 5/12/2017

Excellent services

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/8/2017

We brought our 2000 Toyota Sienna in for a check engine light code reading today. They determined, based on the code, that it needed new spark plugs and wires to fix the problem (over $600). Oh, since they would be in the general area, they noticed a little valve cover gasket leak ($630 more). They became a little "sheepish" when I mentioned that less than 10,000 miles ago, I had a complete 120,000 preventive maintenance done there (over $1800 -all preventive maintenance, and close to half of what the car is worth!). Same Day Auto had replaced the spark plugs at that time, and the spark plugs only need replacing about every 120,000 miles. Why would they not replace the wires when replacing the spark plugs the first time? It's kind of like replacing a timing belt without replacing the water pump. Not good automotive practice for future cost saving on repairs --especially when charged 3 hours labor to change the spark plugs because of the location on the engine. What about the 3 year/36,000 warranty on repairs so prominently advertised?? Is it just ink on paper? No mention was made of the warranty after bringing up, "You've just recently changed the spark plugs". What they did then offer... to replace just the wires for $549. Such a deal! Really?

0.5 Same Day Auto Service 5/3/2017