I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else. New and used cars. I've been a customer for over 25 years - since it was just TJ and Dan. They are honest and informative, and employ expert mechanics. They're invoices are very detailed and understandable, and even list the things to keep a watch out for down the line, with prices, so there's no surprise. 15 minute Oil changes include a very thorough inspection, topping off fluids, checking tire pressure, etc. It's quick, inexpensive - and have itemized results like % of front and rear brakes left, tire wear, etc. they'll even replace wipers blades, labor free. Our current Honda, and Toyota, both have around 150,000 miles on them and am looking forward to at least double that.

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/18/2017

I've taken my car there for years. Usually I just need routine maintenance. I recently got my oil changed. Was taken in on time and was out of there shortly. I highly recommend them.

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/18/2017

As always, Same Day is my go-to place for all things related to my car. I feel comfortable discussing any questions and trust they will give me an honest appraisal and reocmmendation.

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/8/2017

First rate service; honest and competent. And a lot cheaper than the dealership!

0 Same Day Auto Service 6/7/2017

They have a clean comfortable waiting area, free cofee, tea and bottled water. They also have the best selection of current magazines, but their oil change service is so quick I hardly get to finish reading one! Honest and excellent repair work too.

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/7/2017

Always great service !

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/5/2017

you always do a great job on my car. I also feel you are honest. Love you guys. I also want to thank you for taking my car to Les Shwabb for me. I do appreciate you. Keep up the good work. Kathy

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/5/2017

It is so nice to know I can count on you!

5 Same Day Auto Service 6/4/2017

My family and I have been loyal customers of Same Day Auto Service for more than 15 years. You have performed almost all of the maintenance and repair work on my vehicles. And I've recommended you to many others. Overall, I have had mainly positive experiences. But I was recently very disappointed by the customer service I received. The motor and regulator in my driver's side window went out. I was offered an after-market part for much cheaper than Honda. However, after the work was performed, I've noticed the window is not properly aligned; some times there's a slight gap on one side when the window is rolled up. It's not that obvious unless you're traveling at highway speeds. The weather hasn't been conducive to rolling down the window, so it was not something I immediately realized was going to be a problem. And I could generally roll the window back down and then up again, and get it to sit in the proper spot, some times with a little manual adjustment. This weekend, however, while attempting to get the window properly aligned, the window flipped sideways and completely fell off the track and into the door gap. I called Same Day to arrange a time to have it fixed. While I have always received great customer service, the man I spoke with was rude and condescending. I was told that unless the problem was caused by the motor or regulator, the repair would not be covered by the warranty. I explained that the window did not sit properly after the repair. And again, I was told that unless there was a problem with the motor or regulator, I would be responsible for the cost of the repair. It was explained to me that there are plastic clips that help hold the window in place and these become brittle with age. This was suggested as a possible cause for the misalignment. I asked why they wouldn't have been replaced at the time of the repair. In a very condescending tone, I was informed that you don't fix things that aren't broken! Well, duh! But just as customers rely on my expertise for the work I do, I rely on the expertise of your staff. If you know an inexpensive part typically fails around this time, why not ask me if I want them replaced? Or at least inspect them while the door panel is off? According to your staff, the misalignment is not related to the repair, and some other parts just happened to fail immediately after the window motor was replaced. Again, I was told that you would look at it, but unless the motor or regulator are causing the problem, I'm responsible for the cost. Obviously the motor or regulator did not cause the window to fall into the door jam. I was disappointed to learn that Same Day Auto Service will not stand behind the work you perform.

1.5 Same Day Auto Service 5/31/2017

Stephen listened carefully has I described my car problems and gave me feedback as to the likely causes. Had the car towed there and they quickly went to work on it giving me updates as it progressed. Car was ready when promised and within the estimates originally given. Very happy with service and communication.

5 Same Day Auto Service 5/26/2017